Mens Fashion Shopping


Mens Fashion Shopping

mens fashion shopping


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mens fashion shopping – Style and

Style and the Man
Style and the Man
Alan Flusser believes that dressing well is something every man can readily accomplish. In this newly abridged and updated edition of Style and the Man, Flusser shares his vast knowledge of men’s clothes and provides essential information for anyone interested in savvy attire. This elegantly written treatise will arm any man with a connoisseur’s knowledge of the dos and don’ts of buying and wearing quality clothes and how much they should cost, from dinnerwear to casual sportswear. This book is also a veritable encyclopedia on individualizing questions about fabric, quality, and fit, as well as the appreciable and qualitative distinctions between clothes of different prices and makes. Open Style and the Man to discover:
the difference between a $395 and a $1,000 suit
what two words to look for on a costly dress shirt’s label
why the folds in a cummerbund should always be worn facing up
From the tuxedo to the Top-Sider, Alan Flusser explains the sartorial origins and modern applications of haberdashery. All a man has to do is tuck this book into a corner of his suitcase or back pocket, and he’ll be armed with an insider’s knowledge of how to guide the tailor or salesperson in fitting or choosing those clothes that will become long-term players in his maturing wardrobe and personal style.

Whalebone Shop

Whalebone Shop
Whalebone Urban Surf is the offspring of the 35-year-old Whalebone Surf Shop, owned and operated by Jim "Biggie" and April Vaughn of Nags Head, North Carolina. Jim’s passion for surfing led him to quit his successful construction job in Florida and move to the Outer Banks, a place where he always took surf trips. The original shop was located at Whalebone Junction, an intersection where you go north towards Kitty Hawk/Duck or south towards Hatteras. The shop was the first of its kind there and was on the first floor of Jim’s home. He and April later opened other locations in Nags Head and Kitty Hawk and later in Virginia Beach.

Metallic in Acid Yellow! (Mens)

Metallic in Acid Yellow! (Mens)
Go Metallic! Thi is My Second Official Creation for "HANG THE DJ!" Mt New Shop, Coming Soon! I Am Making a "Party Pack" of 7 Colors (Mens & Women’s Differ), and Then Selling The Tintable Version on it’s own, and then in a "Couples Tint-able Set"! Woot! (This One is 100% Hand Painted in Photoshop!)
mens fashion shopping